Lecture Notes

1 General Introduction

Estimating Image Motion Field

Pinhole Camera Model
2 General Introduction (cont.)

Lambertian Surfaces

Image Motion in 2D
3 Image Motion in 2D (cont.)

Constant Brightness Equation
4 Constant Brightness Equation (cont.)

Binocular Stereo

Reflectance map: Image Formation, Surface Reflectance, Surface Orientation
5 Photometric Stereo

Brightness Distribution Function (BRDF)
6 Shape from Shading (PDF)
7 Shape from Shading (cont.)

Shape from Gradient
8 Shape from Gradient (cont.) (PDF)
9 Binary Image Processing

Methods and Applications
10 Binary Image Processing (cont.) (PDF)
11 Binary Image Processing (cont.) (PDF)
12 Binary Image Processing (cont.) (PDF)
13 Binary Image Processing (cont.) (PDF)
14 The Euler Equations and their Applications (PDF)
15 Optical Flow (PDF)
16 Optical Flow (cont.)

Motion Vision
17 Optical Flow (cont.)

Motion Field
18 Optical Flow (cont.)

Direct Motion Vision
19 Optical Flow (cont.) (PDF)
20 Extended Gaussian Images

21 Extended Gaussian Images (cont.)


Platonic solids
22 Extended Gaussian Images (cont.)


Operations on EGIs
23 Photogrammetry

Absolute Orientation

Exterior Orientation

Interior Orientation
24 Photogrammetry (cont.)

Relative Orientation