Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 2 sessions / week, 1.5 hours / session


Buy at MIT Press Horn, Berthold K. P. Robot Vision. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press /McGraw-Hill, March 1986. ISBN: 0262081598.

Material We Cover This Term

This class covers the material of "Robot Vision" by Berthold K. P. Horn (MIT Press/McGraw-Hill) with the following modifications:

Material which will be included

  • Image Formation
  • Motion Vision
  • Shape from Shading
  • Binary Image Processing
  • Photogrammetry/Stereo
  • Object Representation Alignment
  • Analog VLSI
  • Computational Vision

Material which will be excluded

  • Fourier Transform
  • Convolution
  • Line Finding
  • Pattern Recognition

Term Paper / Project

Students in the graduate version (6.866) will write a term paper on a subject related to the material in the course.

Homeworks / Quizzes

There is no final exam.

There will be two take-home quizzes, which are just like problem sets, only longer, and worth more points.

Grading Policy

Graduate (6.866)

Homeworks 33%
Exams 33%
Projects 33%

Undergraduate (6.801)

Homeworks 50%
Exams 50%
Projects NA