ES.259 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Information and Communication Technology in Africa


This section contains the three main assignments in this course, along with examples of student work for each one. Each work is courtesy of the student named and used with permission.

Assignment 1 - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Case Studies (PDF)

“Voxiva” by Mark Scott (PDF)

“Shree Kamdhenu Electronics Private Ltd.” by Mustafa Dafalla (PDF)

“Grameenphone” by Harmeet Gill (PDF)

“Vodacom Community Services” by Angelica Weiner (PDF)

Assignment 2 - Project Proposal (PDF)

“Nigeria’s Need for ICT” by Timan Goshit (PDF)

“The Need for Sex Education for Women” by Ana Lorena Ramos Maltés (PDF)

“Malaria Prevention” by Mustafa Dafalla (PDF)

“A Partnership Between MIT and Computer Aid International” by Harmeet Gill (PDF)

“ICT Solutions for Agriculture” by Saba Gul (PDF)

“The Production and Distribution of Landmine and Unexploded Ordinance Awareness Software” by Mark Scott (PDF)

Final Project - Policy Document (PDF)

“Privatization for Development” by Valery Brobbey (PDF)

“Technology and Policy in Africa” by Timan Goshit (PDF)

“ICT Solutions for Agriculture” by Saba Gul (PDF)

“Policy for the Introduction of the $100 Laptop into Schools in Zambia” by Mark Scott (PDF)

“Integrating ICT in Zambian High Schools” by Ashenafi Befekadu (PDF)

“Technology Initiatives to Aid Agricultural Productivity in Zambia” by Mustafa Dafalla (PDF)

“Policy for an increase in Internet usage in Zambia” by Harmeet Gill (PDF)

“Women and ICT in Zambia” by Ana Lorena Ramos Maltés (PDF)

“Improving Computer Literacy through Training Programs” by Angelica Weiner (PDF)

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