ES.268 | Spring 2010 | Undergraduate
The Mathematics in Toys and Games


Projects will be completed alone or with a partner, with the exception of the research paper option, which must be done individually.

Research Paper-Game

Pick a game not covered extensively in class and investigate applications of math topics to game strategies. The paper should include the basic rules of play, the math behind possible strategies, and how to implement the strategies. The final draft should be 10 pages or more (before graphics are added). Graphics and visual aids are highly encouraged, but should not make up the majority of the paper. The content of the paper will vary with the topic, but we will talk about the minimum amount to be covered.

Research Paper-Toy or Puzzle

Similar to above. Pick a toy or logic puzzle with some interesting math behind it and formalize the strategy in a research paper.

Coding Project

Implement a game discussed in class or another game or puzzle as a computer game.

Create Your Own Mathematical Game or Toy

This could be a board game, computer game, physical toy, or whatever your imagination might come up with! This option would include a 3-5 page writeup of the rules and math behind your invention.

Explore an Open Problem in the Field

Explore either one of the open problems we discuss in class, or another open problem in the field of combinatorial game theory or a related topic. Tell us about what has been explored so far, the complexity of the problem, hypotheses, attempts, etc.


Project Idea

A short verbal confirmation of a project idea. Due on Ses #6.

Checkpoint I

A short one-page proposal including project choice, topic, and plan of action to complete the project. This can be changed later, but at this point you need to present something that indicates that you have at least thought about the final project. Due on Ses #8.

Checkpoint II

For those writing papers, have an outline and some sources picked out. For those coding projects, have an outline of how you plan to code the game. For example, present a diagram of the classes and objects to be used and some pseudocode for player strategies, etc. Due on Ses #10.

Final Deadline

Present your project! These will be 10-15 minute presentations per group.

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