ESD.172J | Fall 2009 | Graduate
X PRIZE Workshop: Grand Challenges in Energy


Incentive Prizes
1 Prize history Erika Wagner; Dava Sobel Assignment 1 due
2 Prize literature review Erika Wagner; Bhaskar Chakravorti  
3 X PRIZE introduction Peter Diamandis  
Energy Challenges
4 Energy storage overview Steve Connors  
5 Energy technology I Daniel Nocera Assignment 2: Historical prize summary due
6 Economics of storage innovation Aaron Fyke, X PRIZE; Jason Makansi  
7 Energy technology II David Bradwell Term Project (TP): elevator pitches due
Innovation Incentives and Strategic Resource Allocation
8 Incentives and innovation Fiona Murray  
9 Introduction to prize design Erika Wagner TP: Team contracts, resources, advisors due
10 Prize space analysis Ken Zolot; Erika Wagner  
11 US Department of Energy Steve Isakowitz, Department of Energy

TP: Niche analysis outline

Key resources summary due

12 Creativity and improvisation Dava Newman  
13 Sizing markets and prizes Luis Perez-Breva; Erika Wagner  
14 Mid-term team presentations    
X PRIZE Development
15 Engagement strategies Erika Wagner  
16 IDEO brainstorm    
17 The competitor’s perspective Jeff Hoffman, Next Giant Leap  
18 X PRIZE critique   Assignment 3: X PRIZE critique due
19 Matrix peer review “gaming session” Erika Wagner TP: Draft prize matrix due
20 Team time    
21 Team time (cont.)   TP: Revised prize matrix due
22 Team time (cont.)    
23 Presentation dry runs Erika Wagner  
24 Final presentations   TP: Final reports due
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