ESD.36 | Fall 2012 | Graduate

System Project Management


1 L1: Class Introduction Project Assignment out
2 L2: Critical Path Method HW1 out
3 L3: Critical Chain Method  
4 L4: Design Structure Matrix (DSM) Project Proposal due
5 L5: Managing Iterations with DSM HW2 out
6 L6: Introduction to Project Dynamics HW1 due; Project Approval given
7 L7: The Rework Cycle  
8 L8:Project Dynamics Simulations HW3 out
9 L9: Probabilistic Scheduling HW2 due
10 L10: Budgeting and Cost Control HW4 out
11 L11: Risk Management HW3 due
12 L12: Project Strategic Issues  

Business Trip Week –

Case 1: Construction Project


Business Trip Week –

Case 2: Aerospace Project

Project Update due
15 Case 3: Software Project  
16 L13: Project Dynamics Cases HW4 due; HW5 out
17 L14: Humans and Projects  
18 Case 4: Student Voted Project  
19 L15: Organizations and Projects HW6 out
20 L16: Complexity in Project Organizations HW5 due
21 L17: Managing International Projects  
22 L18: Multi-Project Program Management HW6 due
23 L19: Project Management Resources  
24 Project Presentations Project Final Presentations due
25 Project Presentations (cont.)  
26 L20: Class Summary–Success Factors  

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