ESD.68J | Spring 2006 | Graduate

Communications and Information Policy


Students complete a mid-term paper and a final team project.

Mid-term Paper

The class will be given a written piece of policy advocacy on themes relevant to the course. Students will then be expected to write a paper that analyzes the piece’s arguments and rhetorical techniques.

Mid-term Paper Assignment: Deconstructing a Policy Document (PDF)

Mid-term Paper Readings - Industry Comments (ZIP - 2.8 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 3 .pdf files.)

Final Projects

Students will work in teams to develop a final project, based on their selection of one design challenge from several options to be provided by the instructors.

Final presentations are shown courtesy of the students, and used with permission.

Interconnection Team End-to-end Quality of Service (PDF) Robert Rudin, Chaki Ng, Clifford Kahn
Net Neutrality Team Network Neutrality and Harmful Discrimination (PDF) Richard Hansen, Elisabeth Maida, Gladys Priso
Spectrum Team Spectrum Allocation for Municipal Wireless Mesh Networks (PDF) M. Hassan-Ali, H. Jones, H. Matsunaga