ESD.932 | Spring 2006 | Graduate

Engineering Ethics


This page summarizes the assignments completed during the term.

Part 1 Homework

Students completed two types of assignment during Part 1.

  1. They analyzed cases in accordance with Kant, Mill and Plato (as summarized in the Harris text);
  2. They converted an engineering dynamics problem statement to moral terms and solve it.

Part 2 Homework

During the case study phase of the course, students crafted hypothetical cases. Each student crafted a story by selecting an ancestor or mythic hero as a substitute for a character in a historical case. Students compared these cases and recommended action.

Additionally, one student attended a lecture on nuclear submarine safety and reported on it in class.

Part 3 Research Project

The case of cross-cultural ethics was chosen. It had to do with the use of appropriate technology in the Honduras where a student had spent time doing volunteer engineering work.

Three deliverables were required and graded for this project:

  • Dry-run Presentation
  • Final Presentation
  • Final Written Report

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