Students are required to give a 20-minute oral presentation and complete a scientific, publication-quality paper, approximately 10 pages long.

Suggested projects:

Compare the expression vs. proteomic profiles for the NCI 60 data sets (publicly available). Determine which genes are poorly correlated between protein and RNA, and explain why.

Compare clinical studies with microarray expression for the same disease. Determine which normalization techniques or feature selection algorithm can enable increased reproducibility.

Perform a meta-analysis of studies of asthma association studies and provide a web-annotated resource of the reliability of each locus/allele identified.

Sample titles of student projects:

Calculation of linkage for non-traditional families (e.g., with half-siblings, etc.)

Matching gene expression data in inflammatory bowel disease to known genetic linkage peaks

Creating a personal genomic record

Regulatory barriers to the use of microarray diagnostics

Comparing congruence of expression-based prognoses across three lymphoma studies