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Institute for Music and Brain Science

International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition

Society for Music Perception and Cognition

Music Animation Machine: Music animations plus PC software for running animations from MIDI files.

Brain Atlas: A 3-D interactive brain atlas

MuSICA: Norman Weinberg’s writings on music and brain

David Huron/Sweet Anticipation Webpage: Massive Web site related to psychology of music containing lectures, discussions, bibliographies, models, syllabi, papers, etc, etc, etc. Look under Courses for more topics. See also his Web site of materials and demonstrations that accompany his book Sweet Anticipation.

Promenade ‘Round the Cochlea: Web site containing very useful basic introduction to sound, cochlear structure and function, and audiometric measurement.

MIDI Toolbox for MATLABTM: The MIDI Toolbox is a compilation of functions for analyzing and visualizing MIDI files in the Matlab computing environment. Besides simple manipulation and filtering functions, the toolbox contains cognitively inspired analytic techniques that are suitable for context-dependent musical analysis that deal with such topics as melodic contour, similarity, key-finding, meter-finding and segmentation.

Music and Emotion in Film: An audio discussion of music in Hitchcock’s films and their emotional impact (with author Jack Sullivan)

Music and the Brain: Link to NPR’s Talk of the Nation, May 9, 2003

A discussion about the way music affects your brain. Guests: Petr Janata — Research assistant professor, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.; and Mark Jude Tramo - musician, Director, The Institute for Music and the Brain, neurologist and neuroscientist, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Mass."

Malcolm Slaney’s Web site with correlogram animations of sound and music

Chris Darwin’s course on hearing (Sussex University), via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (last version stored August 1, 2008)

Ehmer, Richard H. “Masking Patterns of Tones.” (A discussion of auditory masking.)

Examples of musical modes: 8notes, elvenminstrel

Introduction to musical keys

Wikipedia entry on the origins of music dynamics notation.

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