1 Introduction  
2 Searle against artificial intelligience (AI): the Chinese room argument  
3 The Chinese room argument (cont.)  
4 The Chinese room argument (cont.) and the Turing test First argument analysis due
5 The Turing test (cont.)  
6 Computational complexity (guest lecture by Scott Aaronson)  
7 Dualism  
8 Dualism (cont.)  
9 From dualism to behaviorism  
10 From behaviorism to the identity theory First paper due
11 The identity theory (cont.)  
12 Kripke's Objection  
13 Functionalism Second argument analysis due
14 Review session  
15 From functionalism to externalism  
16 Externalism (cont.)  
17 From externalism to perception  
18 Perception: Valberg's puzzle of experience  
19 Perception, consciousness, and intentionality  
20 Perception, consciousness, and intentionality (cont.)  
21 Jackson's knowledge argument Second paper due
22 Nagel on bats  
23 Consciousness and its place in nature  
24 Consciousness and its place in nature (cont.)  
25 Free will Third paper due
26 Last lecture, including information about the final exam