Student Presentations

At each class meeting one or more students (depending on class size) will be responsible for preparing a brief (10-minute maximum) presentation on the readings, consisting of a background that will frame our discussion with one or more (one question per student) about how the readings assigned for that particular day approach the main questions at the core of our class.

Following are selected presentation slides, courtesy of MIT students and used with permission.

Interrogating Erasure: Moving Past the Forces of Forgetting (PDF)

Thinking Through The Unthinkable: The Haitian Revolution (PDF)

The Heroic Slave and the Introduction to Benito Cereno (PDF - 1.4MB)

Politics of Language & (mis)education in the U.S. & the Carribean (PDF)

Immigration, Politics and Elections (PDF - 1.1MB)

Language, Resistance, & Liberation (PDF)
See also video of this presentation:

 Thumbnail from video of two students speaking in front of the class.