Lecture Notes

1Introduction to course, content, process, solar energy


Handout (PDF)

2Lab 1: Index of Refraction 
3Case Study 1: An Ethical Engineer(PDF)
4Lab 2: Communications: Oral/Written 
5Lab 3: Measure the Speed of Light 
6Photons, Semiconductors, and Energy(PDF)
7Guest Lecture: Fred Salvucci, "History of Boston Transportation, 1630-2007."(PDF - 1.5MB) (Courtesy of Frederick Salvucci. Used with permission.)
8The Solar Cell Lecture(PDF)
9Guest Lecture: Prof. Eugene Fitzgerald, "Platforms and Learning Curves."(PDF - 1.9MB) (Courtesy of Eugene Fitzgerald. Used with permission.)

Guest Lecture: Prof. William Uricchio, "Putting Human Agency Back Into the Equation."

Reading: "Mechanically Scanned Television," "Electronically Scanned Television," and "Television Spin-Offs and Redundancies." Chapters 5-7 in Winston, Brian. Media Technology and Society: A History from the Telegraph to the Internet. New York, NY: Routledge, 1998. ISBN: 9780415142304.

11Lab 4: Simulation of Solar Cells 
12Guest Lecture: Prof. Randolph Kirchain, "Moving Towards Sustainable Materials Use."(PDF - 1.2MB) (Courtesy of Randolph Kirchain. Used with permission.)
13Cultural Differences in Engineering Practice: Introduction to collaboration with University of Tokyo 

Engineering the Future of Solar Electricity

Reading: Slides 15-27 in "Year 11 Preliminary Engineering Studies Focus Module: Photovoltaic Engineering." Engineering Studies Package, UNSW School of Photovoltaics & Renewable Energy Engineering, 2010.

15Field Trip with Fred Salvucci: Walk the Big Dig 
16Project 1A: Electricity Generation System Constraints


17Project 2A: Solar cell materials; assignment of teams 

Guest Lecture: Prof. Toshihiko Koseki (PDF), "Progress and Future of Structural Steels."

Project 1B: Materials Selection

19Project 2B: Solar Cell Performance 
20Project 1C: Engineering the Future of Solar Electricity(PDF)
21Guest Lecture: Prof. Akira Toriumi (PDF), "Semiconductor Technology Evolution and Generalized Moore's Law."


22Class discussion of draft written reports 
23Guest Lecture: Prof. Kazumi Wada (PDF), "Solar Cell." 
24Project 1D: Final project team presentations and written reports


25Editing of report for final project 
26Guest Lecture: Prof. Christopher Weaver, "How To Be a Big Engineer and What You Can Do for Society."(PDF - 4.8MB) (Courtesy of Christopher Weaver. Used with permission.)