Readings are from the textbook: Jones, Neil C., and Pavel A. Pevzner. An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms (Computational Molecular Biology), Bradford Books. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, August 1, 2004. ISBN: 0262101068.

Introduction to Biology
1 The Central Dogma: Some Algorithms Introduction
Enumerative Solutions: Partial Digest Problem and Median Strings
2 Partial Digest Problem Chapter 4
3 Motifs and Median Strings Chapter 4
Dynamic Programming: Sequence Alignments
4 Global Alignment Chapter 6
5 Local Alignment Chapter 6
6 Spliced Alignment Chapter 6
7 More Efficient Alignment Chapter 7
Graph Theory: Sequencing Genes and Proteins
8 Genomics and SBH Graphs Chapter 8
9 Peptide Graphs Chapter 8
Pattern Matching: Exact Matches, Gapless Alignments, and BLAST
10 Exact Pattern Matching Chapter 9
11 Suffix Trees
12 Suffix Arrays and BWTs Chapter 9
13 BLAST Chapter 9
Clustering: Microarrays and Phylogeny
14 Clustering (Guest Lecturer) Chapter 10
15 Trees Chapter 10
Neighbor Joining
16 Review of Phylogenetic Analysis

Coalescent Theory in Biology
17 Application: Microarrays (Guest Lecturer) Chapter 10
Probabilistic Models and Machine Learning: Gene Annotation and Evolution
18 Hidden Markov Models I Chapter 11
19 Hidden Markov Models II Chapter 11
20 Gibbs Sampling Chapter 12
21 Random Projections Chapter 12
22 MCMC and Bayesian Networks
23 The Future: Protein Structure (Guest Lecturer)
24 The Future: Haplotype Mapping (Guest Lecturer)
25 Presentations of Final Projects
26 Presentations of Final Projects (cont.)

Recommended Readings

The following list of books will give greater understanding on specific topics.

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