Inviscid Flow and Bernoulli

This section covers lecture 5.



Reading in: Panton, Ronald L. Incompressible Flow. 4th ed. Wiley, 2013. ISBN: 9781118013434. [Preview with Google Books]

  • Chapter 7: Some Incompressible Flow Patterns
    • 7.1: Pressure-Driven Flow in a Slot
    • 7.2: Mechanical Energy, Head Loss, and Bernoulli Equation

Reading in: Kundu, Pijush K., and Ira M. Cohen. Fluid Mechanics. 6th ed. Academic Press, 2015. ISBN: 9780124059351.

  • Chapter 4: Conservation Laws
    • 4.3: Stream Functions
    • 4.9: Special Forms of the Equations; Angular Momentum Principle for a Stationary Control Volume; Bernoulli Equations; Neglect of Gravity in Constant Density Flows; The Boussinesq Approximation; Summary

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