1 Introduction: Statistical Optics, Inverse Problems Homework 1 Posted (Fourier Optics Overview)
2 Fourier Optics Overview  
3 Random Variables: Basic Definitions, Moments Homework 1 Due 
Homework 2 Posted (Probability I)
4 Random Variables: Transformations, Gaussians  
5 Examples: Probability Theory and Statistics Homework 2 Due 
Homework 3 Posted (Probability II)
6 Random Processes: Definitions, Gaussian, Poisson  
7 Examples: Gaussian Processes Homework 3 Due 
Homework 4 Posted (Random Processes)
8 Random Processes: Analytic Representation  
9 Examples: Complex Gaussian Processes Homework 4 Due
Project 1 Begins
10 1st-Order Light Statistics  
11 Examples: Thermal and Laser Light  
12 2nd-Order Light Statistics: Coherence  
13 Example: Integrated Intensity Project 1 Report Due
Project 2 Begins
14 The van Cittert-Zernicke Theorem  
15 Example: Diffraction from an Aperture  
16 The Intensity Interferometer

17 Examples: Stellar Interferometer, Radio Astronomy, Optical Coherence Tomography  
18 Effects of Partial Coherence on Imaging Project 2 "Lecture-Style" Presentations (2 Hours)
19 Information Theory: Entropy, Mutual Information  
20 Example: Gaussian Channels  
21 Convolutions, Sampling, Fourier Transforms

Information-Ttheoretic View of Inverse Problems
22 Imaging Channels

23 Inverse Problem Case Study: Tomography

Radon Transform, Slice Projection Theorem
24 Filtered Backprojection  
25 Super-Resolution and Image Restoration  
26 Information-Theoretic Performance of Inversion Methods