1 Introduction and Group Assignment None
2 Business Plan I None
3 Financials I

Problem Set 1 Question (PDF)

Problem Set 1 Solution (PDF)

4 Sales and Marketing I None
5 Financials II None
6 Sales and Marketing II

Ratio Analysis Group (PDF)

Prelude Case Study & Questions: [Complete "Prelude Corporation" Reading first]

Answer the following questions. Your answer for each question should not exceed one paragraph.

  1. As a potential investor, what is the most important ratio to calculate? Why?
  2. What are the key issues this company is facing?
  3. Should we invest in this company? Why or why not?
7 Financials III

Project Progress Report : Each group must be prepared to give a short presentation about your business plan. The purpose of this presentation is to update the instructors and the rest of the class on the progress of your plan. By now you should have a solid business idea.

Presenting Business Opportunities (PDF) [We are looking for you to sell your idea to us in a short period of time; don't worry yet about all the details of your final plan/presentation.]

8 Intellectual Property and Licensing

SUL Part 1 (PDF), Part 2 (PDF)

HP Case Study (PDF)

[Complete "Hewlett-Packard" Reading first]

9 Ratio Analysis I None
10 Ratio Analysis II None
11 Prelude Lobster Case None
12 Project Progress Report None
13 Quiz Review None
14 Quiz None
15 Designing and Building Yachts None
16 Commoditization vs. Differentiation None
17 Total Quality Management None
18 Entrepreneurship None
19 HP Printer Case None
20 Strategic Planning and Management of Technology

Pilkington Float Glass: [Complete "Pilkington Float Glass" Reading first]

For the written assignment, please answer the question below. Limit your response to half a page, single-spaced.

  1. Estimate the projected revenue and financing requirements if Pilkington sets up its float plants worldwide. Please state your assumptions and methodology for doing so clearly.
  2. What would be the pros and cons based on the above financial projections?
21 Teradyne Business Plan None
22 Pilkington Float Glass Case None
23 Omniport Houston Case None
24 Ethics Ethics (PDF)
25 Project Presentation None
26 Project Presentation (cont.) None