Assignments are due by the start of class.

1 Research  
2 Ethics

Find a popular-press article or blog discussion of some science or engineering result or design achievement, and also find the researchers'/designers' own write-up of the results. Did the press understand and correctly report the most significant aspects of the work? Write one page explaining your thoughts.

3 Intellectual Property (IP)

A brief summary of who all the participants are in the project on which you are working and their roles: other UROPers, grad students, faculty and research staff, collaborators outside the Media Lab; also where the research funding comes from.

4 Resources

Patent search — find a patent that is relevant to your research and write a brief summary of it. For extra fun, find a seemingly silly, useless, or inexplicable patent and share it with class next class.

5 What's "peer review" anyway?

Literature search — find a new paper/reference/informational resource (that you didn't have already) related to your project and write a brief summary of it. Also say how you found it.

6 What the web means to all this

Conference search — find out from your UROP supervisor or colleagues which conference or meeting is a typical place for research like that done by your group to be presented. Look up the conference on-line and write a brief summary of it.

7 How does this stuff get paid for? Find and critique a research-results page.
8 Demoing and presenting  
9-10 Final presentation practice Practice presentations and critiques.
11-12 Final presentations Present your final project.