Lecture Notes

The course lecture notes are presented, one chapter per session, in the table below.

The following two files can be added to the individual chapters to produce a complete set of notes.

  • Cover & Table of Contents (PDF)
  • References (PDF)

The complete set of notes is compiled here as a single large file for ease of downloading (PDF - 11.8MB).

1 Foundations: Algorithmic and generative music systems (PDF)
2 Foundations: Musical parameters, mappings, and tools (PDF)
3 Approaches: Distributions and stochastics (PDF)
4 Foundations: Historical and categorical perspectives (PDF)
5 History: Serialism, loops, tiling, and phasing (PDF)
6 Workshop (PDF)
7 History: Michele Gottfried Koenig (PDF)
8 Approaches: Permutations, generators, and chaos (PDF)
9 History: Lejaren Hiller (PDF)
10 Approaches: Probability and Markov chains (PDF - 1.3MB)
11 Workshop (PDF)
12 History: Iannis Xenakis (PDF)
13 Approaches: Non-standard synthesis (PDF)
14 Approaches: Granular and concatenative synthesis (PDF)
15 Approaches: Mapping, sonification, and data bending (PDF)
16 Workshop (PDF)
17 Approaches: Cellular automata (PDF)
18 Approaches: Genetic algorithms (PDF)
19 Approaches: Grammars and L-Systems (PDF)
20 History: Mechanical musical automata (PDF - 2.9MB)
21 Workshop (PDF)
22 Approaches: Agents and ecological models (PDF)
23 Approaches: Expert systems and style emulation (PDF)
24 Discussion: Aesthetics and evaluations (PDF)
25 - 26 Sonic system project presentations (PDF)