The Role of Recitations

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YEN-JIE LEE: So during the semester, we have a few recitation instructors. They help with the students during the recitation section. So during those sections, usually the instructor will solve a similar problem, like what is actually covered during the lecture. And that gives the students another chance to look at more example and to get familiar or get used to the calculation which we carried out for the first time during the lecture.

So also the recitation section-- during the recitation section, the instructors help the students. So they can actually ask more questions during the recitation sections, including the questions they have in the p-set or any additional questions they thought about after the lecture. OK. So that they get another chance to clear some of the concepts which they don't really understand during the lecture.

So we did not record the recitation sections during the Fall semester in 2016. On the other hand, we included problem-solving videos from Professor Wit Busza, which is similar to what we do during the recitation sections from previous years, to go with the lecture videos done during the semester.

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