Using Questionnaires to Customize Course Content

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YEN-JIE LEE: I try to include a questionnaire during the semester, in-- I think, it's actually in the middle of the semester-- along with the problem set. So the reason is the following. I would like to know how my class is doing. Because every year, the composition of the students is actually different. Every semester is, actually, they are different. And also students may have different background knowledge semester by semester.

So doing this kind of questionnaire will help me to understand where we are and whether we are doing great, or are we actually moving too fast or too slow? Are we not giving enough help or giving too much homework? And is everybody keeping up with the content which we cover during the lecture?

And this kind of feedback is actually, particularly useful during the semester. Because during the semester, I still have the chance to adjust the speed, to adjust the content, which will be suitable for the composition of the students I get in the class this semester. So that is actually why I try to ask them to provide feedback on first, the speed of the course.

Second, how helpful is the lecture, and the instructor, and also the recitation sections? And finally, how is actually the problem sets and the other materials actually help you with the learning? Do we need more for example ... do we need more solved examples?

Do we need more ways to communicate between the instructors and the students, such that the students can get the help they need-- not only through the lecture, but also through the Piazza program which we have during this semester. And also by emails, and the recitations, and the office hour, with the instructors and the TAs.

So with that kind of survey, we will be able to get the feedback during the semester. And we can actually adjust to actually fit the need of the class.

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