Part 1: Time Independent Perturbation Theoryand WKB Approximation
L1Time Independent Perturbation Theory 
L2Time Independent Perturbation Theory (continued) 
L3Degenerate Perturbation Theory Problem Set 1 due
L4Hydrogen Atom Fine Structure 
L5Hydrogen Atom Fine Structure (continued) Problem Set 2 due
L6Zeeman Effect and Introduction to the Semiclassical Approximation 
L7The Semiclassical WKB Approximation Problem Set 3 due
L8WKB (continued). Airy Functions and Connection Formulae  
L9Time Dependent Perturbation Theory Problem Set 4 due
Part 2: Time Dependent Perturbation Theory and Adiabatic Approximation
L10Fermi's Golden Rule 
L11Fermi's Golden Rule for Harmonic TransitionsProblem Set 5 due
E1 Mid-Term Exam
L12Hydrogen Ionization (completed). Light and AtomsFinal Paper Proposal due
L13Light and Atoms (continued). Charged Particles in Electromagnetic Fields  
L14Charged Particles in Electromagnetic Fields (continued)  
L15Adiabatic ApproximationProblem Set 6 due
 Peer Edit Session 
L16Adiabatic Approximation (continued)Final Paper Draft due
L17Adiabatic Approximation: Berry's Phase 
L18Adiabatic Approximation: MoleculesProblem Set 7 due 
Part 3: Scattering and Identical Particles
L20Scattering (continued 1) 
L21Scattering (continued 2) 
L22Scattering (continued 3). Identical ParticlesProblem Set 8 due 
L23Identical Particles (continued 1) 
L24Identical Particles (continued 2) Final Papers returned
 Review for Final Exam 
E2Final Exam