1 Free Electron Model
2 Crystalline Lattice
3 Debye Waller Factor and Incommensurate Structures
4 Point Group for Bravais Lattice Problem set 1 due
5 Bloch Theorem
6 Band Structure Problem set 2 due
7 Orthogonalized Plane Wave (OPW)
8 Pseudopotential and Augmented-Plane-Wave (APW) Problem set 3 due
9 Tight Binding, van Hove Singularity
10 Experimental Tests of Band Structure and A Survey of the Periodic Table Problem set 4 due
11 Semiconductors: Donors, Acceptors and Excitons
12 Semiclassical Dynamics of Electrons, Bloch Oscillation and Quantization of Orbits in a Uniform Magnetic Field Problem set 5 due
13 de Haas-van Alphen Effect and Quantum Hall Effect
14 Quantum Hall Effect and Edge States Problem set 6 due
15 Electron-electron Interaction: Hartree-Fock Approximation
16 Exchange Energy for Jellium Problem set 7 due
17 Density Functional Theory
18 Hubbard Model, Screening and Plasmons Problem set 8 due
19 Phonons
20 Electron-phonon Coupling and Electron Lifetime Problem set 9 due
21 Attraction by Exchanging Phonons Problem set 10 due
22 The Cooper Instability and the BCS Wavefunction
23 The Bogoliubov Quasiparticles
24 Ginzburg Landau Free Energy, Meissner Effect and Flux Quantization Problem set 11 due