RES.6-010 | Spring 2013 | Undergraduate

Electronic Feedback Systems

Video Course Manual

These files contain blackboard images, viewgraphs, demonstration photographs, required readings, and problems. This content is duplicated in the Course Video section under related resources.

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  Front Material (PDF)  
1 Course Video Manual: Introduction and Basic Concepts (PDF) Chapter 1 Solutions (PDF)
2 Effects of Feedback on Noise and Nonlinearities (PDF) Chapter 2 Solutions (PDF)
3 Introduction to Systems with Dynamics (PDF) Chapter 3 Solutions (PDF)
4 Stability (PDF) Chapter 4 Solutions (PDF)
5 Root Locus (PDF) Chapter 5 Solutions (PDF)
6 More Root Locus (PDF) Chapter 6 Solutions (PDF)
7 Stability via Frequency Response (PDF) Chapter 7 Solutions (PDF)
8 Compensation (PDF) Chapter 8 Solutions (PDF)
9 More Compensation (PDF) Chapter 9 Solutions (PDF)
10 Compensation Example (PDF) Chapter 10 Solutions (PDF)
11 Feedback Compensation (PDF) Chapter 11 Solutions (PDF)
12 Feedback Compensation of an Operational Amplifier (PDF) Chapter 12 Solutions (PDF)
13 Operational Amplifier Compensation (cont.) (PDF) Chapter 13 Solutions (PDF)
14 Linearized Analysis of Nonlinear Systems (PDF) Chapter 14 Solutions (PDF)
15 Describing Functions (PDF) Chapter 15 Solutions (PDF)
16 Describing Functions (cont.) (PDF) Chapter 16 Solutions (PDF)
17 Conditional Stability (PDF) Chapter 17 Solutions (PDF)
18 Oscillators (Intentional) (PDF) Chapter 18 Solutions (PDF)
19 Phase Locked Loops (PDF)  
20 Model Train Speed Control (PDF)  

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