Session 4: Legal and Business Actions, Methane Leak Data Debrief


Objectives: Discuss two examples of how data can inform public decision-making: using citizen-collected data in legal cases, and developing a more accurate and consistent measure of the carbon footprints of goods and services. Debrief of methane leak data collected on the prior field trip session.

Session structure: Two-hour classroom session, consisting of several lecture segments with Q&A and an open moderated discussion with all participants at the end.

Instructor: Chris Nidel, Esq. (environmental attorney, MITACAL)

Learn about how citizen-collected data can be used in environmental legal cases. For instance, how do courts decide whether particular data is admissable as evidence?

Part 2: Bringing Climate Data into Business and Personal Choices — Fixing the Carbon Footprint

Instructor: Ory Zik (Greenometry)

Learn how better measurement of carbon footprints, as embodied in products and services, can bring market forces more effectively to bear on the climate crisis.

Slides: Fixing the carbon footprint (PDF - 1.4MB)

Part 3: Debrief on Methane Leak Data Field Trip

Display and discuss the prior day’s field data collection on methane gas leaks. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used, and implications for the next generation of tools. Discuss the overall state of methane leak measurement, fixes, and policies.

Instructors: Nathan Phillips (Boston University), Audrey Schulman (HEET)

Part 4: Closing Observations on Citizen Science for Climate Action

All participants shared their observations and lessons learned from across entire course. [No OCW content for this part of the session.]

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