RES.ENV-006 | January IAP 2022 | Non-Credit

Teaching with Sustainability

Syllabus and Course Materials


The class ran as four 2-hour sessions during MIT’s Independent Activities Period in January 2022.

Topics and Activities

The goal of this class was to provide participants with the opportunity to connect sustainable pedagogies with their teaching practices.

Each student was asked to think about a lesson, activity, syllabus, whole course design, or other course product that they would like to workshop during the last session with others in our group.

  Broad Topic for the Week Main Class Activity Lecture slides
Week 1 What is sustainability education?

Welcome activity

Jigsaw activity about the foundations of sustainability education

Week 1 (PDF)

Week 1 (PPTX)

Week 2 What makes effective teaching?

Reflect on previous effective teachers

Brainstorm goals for students

Week 2 (PDF)

Week 2 (PPTX)

Week 3 What is the connection between sustainability and teaching? Information about how to use sustainable pedagogies in your teaching practice

Week 3 (PDF)

Week 3 (PPTX)

Week 4 How can I leverage this knowledge in my professional practice? Workshop to plan, discuss, and work through course material(s)

Week 4 (PDF)

Week 4 (PPTX)

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January IAP 2022
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