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How to Speak

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New Book by Patrick Winston

Buy at MIT Press Winston, Patrick Henry. Make It Clear: Speak and Write to Persuade and Inform. 2020. MIT Press. ISBN: 9780262539388.

The new book, covering many of the topics included in this video, will be published later in 2020.

Professor Winston’s Courses on OCW

Professor Winston was widely known for teaching 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, a class that introduced students to the basic knowledge representation, problem solving, and learning methods of artificial intelligence.

Another course long taught by Professor Winston was 6.803 The Human Intelligence Enterprise, which was designed to help students learn about progress toward the scientific goal of understanding human intelligence from a computational point of view.

The Greatest Computing Innovation

Patrick gave his last public talk at the launch event for the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing on Feb. 26, 2019. “What is the greatest computing innovation of all time?” he asked. His answer: “It’s us.”

Profiles and Tributes

Open with a Promise, Close with a Joke describes some of the teaching techniques Professor Winston used in his artificial intelligence course and elsewhere.

The obituary for Professor Winston in the student newspaper The Tech touches on some wonderful and heartfelt tributes, including this from Richard Yip ’17, a former TA for 6.034: “His classes were never just about artificial intelligence. He taught his students how to think, how to act, and how to lead a worthy, fulfilling life.”

A Memorial to Patrick H. Winston includes history, stories, and a gallery of photos.

A Mentor to Remember is a blog post where former students and others share memories of the time they spent working with Professor Winston.

The Center for Brains, Minds and Machines also offers stories and tributes.

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