Lecture Notes

Module I - Basic Building Blocks
1 Introduction

The Law of Duties
2 The Law of Duties (cont.) (PDF)
3 The Hard Edge of Regulation
4 Contracts (PDF)
5 Contracts (cont.) (PDF)
6 Module I Wrap-up
Module II - M&A
7 Key Players, Stages and Deal Structures (PDF)

Guest: Terry Mahoney, Partner, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & McRae
8 Tax Considerations in Structuring a Deal (PDF)

Guest: Martin Allen, Partner, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart
9 The Basic Terms of a Purchase Agreement (PDF)

Guest: Terry Mahoney, Partner, Leboeuf Lamb Greene & McRae
10 Buying a Publicly-held Company I (PDF)

Guests: Stu Cable and Jim Matarese, Partners, Goodwin Procter
11 Buying a Publicly-held Company II (PDF)

Guests: Stu Cable and Jim Matarese, Partners, Goodwin Procter
12 International M&A and Joint Ventures (PDF)

Guest: David Walek, Ropes & Gray
Module III - Forms of Business Entities
13 Forms of Doing Business - An Introduction (PDF)
14 The Publicly-held Corporation I - Insider Trading and Disclosure (PDF)

Guest: Jocelyn Arel, Partner, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault
15 The Publicly-held Corporation II - Governance and Accountability

Guest: Lisa Wood, Partner, Foley Hoag
Module IV - Raising and Investing Money
16 Venture Capital (PDF)

Guest: Edward Freedman, Corporate Counsel, Flagship Ventures
17 Other Private Equity (PDF)

Guest: John LeClaire and David Watson, Partners, Goodwin Procter
18 Public Offerings and Investment Banking

Guest: James Hackett, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart
19 Commercial Lending and Securitization (PDF)

Guest: Matthew Furlong, Partner, Bingham McCutchen
20 Building a Hedge Fund Portfolio (PDF)

Guest: Tim Diggins, Partner, Ropes & Gray
Module V - Competition, Mobility and Insolvency
21 Antitrust (PDF)
22 Bankruptcy and Reorganization I (PDF)

Guest: John Whitlock, Partner, Palmer & Dodge
23 Bankruptcy and Reorganization II (PDF)

Guest: John Whitlock, Partner, Palmer & Dodge
24 Wrap-up