A. Analyzing markets and identifying opportunities
1 Introduction and company analysis  
2 Competitive analysis Marketing survey due
3 Customer analysis I Assignment 1 due
4 Customer analysis II and III: Value to the customer and customer lifetime value  
B. Developing marketing strategy
5 Developing market strategy  
6 Segmentation, targeting and positioning Assignment 2 due
7 EVC-based strategy  
8 STP-based strategy and IBS Assignment 3 due
9 IBS, social responsibility and marketing  
10 Branding  
11 Developing marketing strategy for innovation Case-write up due
C. Formulating marketing programs
12 Product  
13 Marketing products for multi-sided demand markets Assignment 4 due
14 Price  
15 Promotion Project proposal due
16 Distribution  
D. Special topics
17 International market entry  
18 International branding  
19 Course summary  
20 Team presentations Final project due