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Final Report

The two last class sessions will be devoted to student final reports. (Part of the last session will turned over to on-line completion of the MIT class evaluation questionnaire.)

Each student should be prepared to present a 10 minute oral report to the class, with a few minutes (maximum 5) for class discussion afterwards. You should use some visual materials but they do not have to be numerous or fancy.

A 2–3 pages written version of the report is due by the final session. It does not have to reproduce visual materials unless they are necessary to make your point. You may want to written incorporate comments and observations from class discussion in the written report.

As a default mode, the topic of your report should be an overview of what you have learned about STS intersections during the term. Such a report should include some comments on the particular topics we studied as well as on the skills / disciplinary approaches / research methods we used in the class. It might also include some speculation as to how you might use what you learned in the future at MIT and beyond.

If you prefer, you could report in more detail on one of the topics we studied: STS as a multidisciplinary field, STS in MIT history, STS at MIT today, the Swartz prosecution, legal regulation of scientific research, self-regulation of scientific research, photography, utopian imagination, etc., etc. Or you can report on any STS topic of interest to you, though in this case you should clear it with the instructor in advance.

This is also available as a PDF.

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