STS.004 | Fall 2013 | Undergraduate

Science, Technology, & World


Current Event as STS (paper) 3
MIT 150th Exhibit Examples (paper and presentation) 6
Key Words and Concepts (quiz) 7
Op-ed on Swartz Case (paper) 12
Further background / comment on Asilomar / Cambridge City Council (presentation) 14
Photography project (paper and presentation) 20
Final reports (paper and presentation 25, and 26


Short Paper – due session 3

Write a short paper, taking a current event and examining it as an STS issue.

Op-ed on Swartz Case – due session 12, revision due session 24

Write an op-ed piece on the Aaron Swartz case.

Oral Presentations

Further background / comment on Asilomar / Cambridge City Council – due session 14

Present some further information to the class about the Asilomar Conference of 1975 or the Cambridge City Council resolutions of 1976. You are not required to turn in anything in writing for this assignment, but you are welcome to do so if you wish.

Written and Oral

MIT 150th Exhibition examples – due session 6

Choose three objects (from the 150 displayed) that illustrate three different types of societal intersections between MIT and the world. Write a paragraph for each object explaining what “society” means in the context of the intersection.

Photography project – due session 20

For this assignment, prepare a presentation on a type of photography that interests you.

Student final reports – due sessions 25, and 26

Students have two options for their final reports.


The quiz is based on a list of key words and concepts that students are asked to define and contextualize.

During session five there is a review of these concepts.

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