1 Introduction  
Part I: A (Brief) Policy and Politics Framework
2 An Introduction to Policy and Politics  
Part II: Setting the Agenda and Shaping Policy Options
3 Health Care: Interest Groups and Public Opinion – Defining the Problem in the Contemporary Era  
4 Health Care: Passing Health-Care Reform in Congress  
5 Health Care: Implementing Health-Care Reform  
6 Policy Evaluation: Health Care and Gun Control  
7 Gun Control: Agenda Setting and Issue Framing  

Gun Control: Organized and Unorganized Interests

Guest Lecture: Professor Regina Bateson

Paper 1 Due
9 Gun Control: Policy and Evaluation  
Part III: Making Policy Decisions
10 Federal Budget: Recession, Deficit, and Problem Definition  
11 Federal Budget: Recession, Deficit, and Problem Definition (cont.)  
12 Federal Budget: Legislative Tactics – The Fiscal Cliff and the Sequester  
13 Immigration Reform: History, Economic Impacts, and Current Policy Draft of Paper 2 Due
14 Immigration Reform: Legislative Efforts and the Electoral Connection Paper 2 Due
15 Immigration Reform: Executive Action  
16 Gay Marriage: Making Social Policy at the Federal Level  
17 Gay Marriage: Making Policy in the States  
18 Gay Marriage: Making Policy in Court  
19 Guest Speaker Paper 3 Due
Part IV: Putting It All Together: The Policymaking Process
20 Climate Change: Science, Public Opinion, and the Media  
21 Climate Change: Federal Action in Congress and the Executive Branch  
22 Climate Change: Policy Options  
23 Climate Change: State Action and the Arizona Net-Metering Case  
Part VI: Wrapping It Up
24 Summary Class Paper 4 Due
25 Final Oral Project  
26 Final Oral Project (cont.)