Part I: Bargaining and Strategic Interaction
1 Introductions / Course Overview
2 An Introduction to Bargaining Exercise: Appleton vs. Baker
3 An Introduction to Bargaining (cont.)
4 Exercises: Elmtree House
5 Exercises: Malta
6 Exercises: Patriot
7 Exercises: Patriot Debrief
Part II: Cooperation and Mutual Gains
8 Exercise: Sally Soprano
9 Exercise: Table Talk

Problem set 1 due
10 Exercise: HackerStar
11 Exercise: HackerStar
12 Exercise: Redstone
13 Exercise: The Vineyard
14 Exercise: Theotis Wiley
15 Exercise: Theotis Wiley
Part III: How Can We Shape the Game We Play?
16 Theotis Wiley
17 Theotis Wiley (cont.)
18 Negotiation and the Art of Listening

Guest Lecture - Marianella Sclavi, University of Milan
19 Constructing Trust I Exercise: Re-engineering Game

Problem set 2 due
20 Theorizing Negotiation as Communication Exercise: Zabian Game

Discount Market Place (video clips)
21 Perspective Taking Exercise: Weathers and Evans
22 Constructing Trust II Exercise: Intersoft Argentina
Part IV: Big Cases
23 Escalation and Psychological Processes Exercise: Three-Party Coalition Exercise
24 Coalitions Problem set 3 due
25 Exercise: Harborco
26 Summary Final project due