Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are available for the classes noted below.

Phase 1: Introduction and Overview
1 Introduction to Course (PDF)

Urban Neighborhood Decline: Causes, Consequences, and Challenges
2 Introduction to Main Street Sites/Issues (PDF)

Directors of Mission Hill and Egleston Square Main Street programs to present their district, goals and issues to the class
3 Physical and Economic Tools I: Urban Design - Ways of Seeing/Architecture

Economic Development - Theories of Retail/Identifying Retail Niches
4 Revitalization Strategies I and II

Field Trip (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

Bus leaves 77 Mass Avenue at 8:10am sharp. Visit Mission Hill and then Egleston Square. Each site will be toured with manager and in topic groups.

6 Project Discussion
Phase 2: Assessment Tools
7 Economic Planning Tools II: Retail Market Analysis and Economic Planning (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
8 Physical Design Tools II: Streetscape
9 Economic Planning Tools III: Asset and Capacity Assessment (PDF)
10 Physical Design Tools III: Image and Neighborhood Form
11 Egleston Square Team Presentation
12 Mission Hill Team Presentation
13 Synthesis

In-class Work - Proposals for moving forward
14 Synthesis (cont.)

In-class Work - Proposals for moving forward
15 Client Presentations
Phase 3: Policies and Interventions
16 Policies and Interventions I: Marketing and Promotion
17 Policies and Interventions II: Business Development, Retention, and Attraction (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

Supplementary Files

Marketing (XLS)
18 Policies and Interventions III: Development (PDF)
19 Policies and Interventions IV: Transit-Oriented Development
20 Policies and Interventions V: Design and Zoning Guidelines
21 Policies and Interventions VI: Safety and Sanitation
22 Client Presentations
23 Policies and Interventions VII: Organization and Capacity Building
Phase 4: The Plans
24 Synthesis - Ideas

In-class Working Session
25 Synthesis - Elements of the Plan

In-class Working Session
26 Synthesis- Final Plan Integration, Key Findings and Themes

In-class Working Session
27 Presentation of Draft Plans
28 Presentation of Draft Plans (cont.)
29 Presentations of Final Plans to Clients (PDF)
30 Course Conclusion/Reflections (PDF)
31 Final Reports/Plans