Please note: all associated databases for the course are in the tools section. Any references to 'Athena' refer to MIT's campus-wide, UNIX based computing environment.

Along with assignments, this class contains regular lab sessions to learn how to use the GIS software.

Lab 1 (PDF)

  • PARCELS database (Please see the tools section.)
  • SELECT command / SQL Help (PDF)

Lab 2 (PDF)

  • PARCELS database (Please see the tools section.)
  • URISA Database Notes (PDF)
  • PARCELS Database Schema (PDF)
  • SQL Notes (Please see the Tools section.)
  • Creating unique temporary tables / SQL Help (PDF)

Lab 3 (PDF)

  • Zoning Variance Database / Zoning Variances / Sub-Neighborhood lookup table (PDF)
  • SQL Notes (Please see the tools section.)
  • 1980 Census data (by Boston NSA) / Schema of Decision, Use, NSA, Neighborhood Lookup Tables (PDF)
  • SQL examples using zoning variances / sample SQL zoning queries (PDF)
  • Grouping zoning applicants via 'lookup' tables (PDF)
  • Zoning Variance Database Evolution Chart (PDF)
  • the PowerPoint slides that were used to discuss this paper (PDF)

Lab 4 (PDF)

Lab 5 (PDF)

  • ZONING table (PDF)
  • 1980 census characteristics (PDF)

Lab 6 (PDF)