This is an in-depth introduction to using SQL, and includes the databases for the class.


  • SQL setup (Lab 1 exercise for running SQL*Plus from CRL and WinAthena PCs) (PDF)
  • SQL help (PDF)
  • PARCELS database (PDF)
  • URISA database (PDF)
  • Outer Join help (PDF)
  • ZONING database
    • Zoning Variances / Sub-Neighborhood lookup table (PDF)
    • 1980 Census data (by Boston NSA) / Schema of Decision, Use, NSA, Neighbrhd Lookup Tables (PDF)
    • SQL examples using zoning variances (PDF)
    • Grouping zoning applicants via 'lookup' tables (PDF)
      • Clark Broida's Zoning database (PDF)
    • Zoning Variance Database Evolution Chart (PDF)
  • SQL*Plus Formatting and Documentation Notes (PDF)