Each of the workshop participants was required to submit a two-page reflection on their experience in the course. These reactions were intended to be informal, free-form exercises, and they are presented in unedited form in the table below, separated by presenter and compiled into a single document.

"Participant Reactions: Workshop on Deliberative Democracy and Dispute Resolution at MIT" (PDF)

All work is courtesy of participants named and are used with permission.

Peter Adler (PDF)
David Booher (PDF)
Josh Cohen (PDF)
John Dryzek (PDF)
Michael Elliott (PDF)
David Fairman (PDF)
John Forester (PDF)
Archon Fung (PDF)
Maarten Hajer (PDF)
Judy Innes (PDF)
Jane Mansbridge (PDF)
Carrie Menkel-Meadow (PDF)
Richard Reuben (PDF)
Nancy Roberts (PDF)
Jay Rothman (PDF)
Marianella Sclavi (PDF)
Susan Sherry (PDF)
Daniel Yankelovich (PDF)