WGS.111 | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate

Gender & Media: Collaborations in Feminism and Technology


Blog Commentary and Collaboration

Each student will keep a Wordpress blog in response to class topics and readings. You are encouraged to update it frequently, but at least a minimum of one post a week, including images and links when relevant. Your blog may be a place where you choose to explore and develop ideas for the final project. We will be reading and responding to each other’s blogs, so please keep the content germane to the class. In addition, this semester we will be collaborating with other courses at several key points in the term; these collaborative conversations will also count as part of your commentary grade for the course.

Critical Response Paper

One short critical response paper (3–4 pages) will be due during the semester. This essay is an opportunity for you to reflect on a key concept through a close critical reading of one text, or a comparison of two. Typically this first assignment is an interrogation of persuasive speech or use of imagery in advertising, whether for a specific product or a political candidate. You may wish to pursue a theoretical question raised in our class discussions or through the blog comments in more detail in your critical response paper. See the details about the critical response paper (PDF).

Keyword Video

Students will record a 3–5 minute keyword video about a selected course reading with a peer. The dialogue must address course themes and integrate questions / comments / critiques. The keyword video may take the form of a conversation, an interview, an in-the-field documentary, voice-over video, or speech video. The video should be uploaded to Vimeo and / or blog and it must be titled with a keyword. See details of the keyword video assignment (PDF).

Final Paper or “Selfie” Project

The final project can take one of many forms, and should be 5-8 pages in length for a paper, or an alternative project representing equivalent depth of analysis. (This could be a collaborative group project and could take the form of a game, video production, social media event, performance, exhibition, or other creative format engaging with feminist media analysis.) The final will demonstrate your proficiency in applying concepts relevant to race, class, sexual identity and gender analysis of media studies to a specific cultural production of your choice. Students will also have the option of developing a project that theorizes “selfies” from a feminist media studies perspective.

Read more about the final project assignment (PDF).

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