Introduction and Overview of the Course

Film: Nobody’s Girls: Five Women of the American West. PBS. Produced by Mirra Bank. May 12, 1995. 

2 Theoretical Overview: Construction Gender, Race-Ethnicity and “The West”  
3 The Great Plains and the Farm Frontier  
4 The Farm Frontier—Literary Perspectives  
5 The Borderlands  

Challenges to Gender and Sexuality

Film: Ballad of Little Jo. DVD. Directed by Maggie Greenwald. 1993. Polygram Filmed Entertainment. 

Prospectus and short bibliography for final paper due
7 Immigration, Migration, and Farm Labor on the West Coast  

Women, Politics, and The Radical West

Film: Salt of the Earth. DVD and streaming. Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. 1954. Independent Production Company. 

9 Cultural Brokers and Moral Reform First 7–9 pages of final paper due
10 Cultural Brokers via the “Empire of the Lens.”  

The Great Depression and WWII

Film: Wartime Richmond. National Park Service. 2013

12 Representations of the West: Writers, Artists, and Mythmakers  

Student presentations on Term Projects

Prof. Rudnick’s slideshow on Georgia O’Keefe

Final Paper due at end of semester

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