Student Work

The following assignments were completed by students who took the course when it was taught in the spring of 2009. All materials are used with permission.

Student 1

“Capitalist Science and the Medicalization of the Gendered Body: A Syllabus.” (PDF)

“Guide: Genome Sequencing and Dimensions of Race and Identity.” (PDF)

“Exploring the Role of Reproductive Technologies in Gay-Parented Families in the United States.” (PDF)

Student 2

“The Sexual Equality of Physics Educational Opportunity and the Sexual Differentiation of Physics Educational Result in China and UK.” (PDF)

“Genetic Technology: Opportunities and Challenges for Female Miao Minority’s Race and Gender Reconstruction.” (PDF)

“Learning Technology and Diverse Students: A Classroom Resource Guide for School Teachers. (PDF)

Student 3

“Installation Art as a Means to Engage Women in Critical Thinking about the Cultural Dimensions of Science: A Guide.” (PDF)

“New Images of Scientist-Activists.” (PDF)

“Genome v. Phenome: Environment-Gene Interactions and Interpretation of Personal Genome Analysis.” (PDF)

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