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Summer 2007: Cancer

This two-week long summer school was the second in the series, following the successful inaugural summer school held at MIT in August 2006 (with a focus on infectious diseases). Strong laboratory experience and exposure to local research facilities was provided in addition to introductory and advanced tutorials.

This summer school contains topics for both cancer biology and cellular and molecular biomechanics. For the biology components, participants will be exposed to a broad range of topics encompassing the physiology, cell and molecular biology, immunology, basic biology of cancer, cancer diagnosis and treatment. Advances in nanotechnology and their applications to diagnosis and therapy will also be discussed.


Lecture files are available for selected sessions and are linked within the table below.

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Day Activities
1 Basic Mechanics (PDF - 1.2 MB)#
Vincent Tan (NUS), Ming Dao (MIT)

Introduction to Physiology
Shazib Pervaiz (NUS)
2 Continuum & Statistical Mechanics
Ju Li (Ohio State University) , Raj Rajagopalan (NUS)

Introduction to Cell Biology|
Hanry Yu (NUS), Boon Huat Bay (NUS)
3 Molecular Mechanics (PDF - 2.1 MB)
Markus Buehler (MIT), Huajian Gao (Brown University)

Introduction to Molecular Biology
Norbert Lehming (NUS)
4 Space, Time and Energy Landscapes (PDF - 1.2 MB)
Ju Li (Ohio State University)

Mechanobiology: From Mechanosensing to Mechanoresponse
Mike Sheetz (Columbia University)

Introduction to Immunology
Paul MacAry (NUS)

Sampler of NSF-Sponsored Projects on Cell & Molecular Mechanics
Jimmy Hsia (National Science Foundation)
5 Experimental Methods I
Multiphoton Microscopy - Peter So (MIT)
3D Quantitative Confocal Microscopy using Digital Volume Correlation - G. Ravichandran (Caltech)
Theory of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) - Barry Masters (MIT)
Atomic Force Microscopy – CT Lim (NUS)
Molecular Force Spectroscopy - Daniel Muller (Technische Universität Dresden)
Optical Traps for Cell & Particle Manipulation -  CH Sow (NUS)
Optical Traps as Molecular Force Probes - Matt Lang (MIT)

Experimental Methods II

MEMS - Taher Saif (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (PDF - 4.5 MB)
Microfluidics – Gabriel Lee ( NUS)
Anti-Metastasis & Cytoxicity Assays – Choon Nam Ong (NUS)

Application of  Advanced Microscopy and Nanomanipulation in the Study of Cell Mechanotransduction
Masahiro Sokabe (Nagoya University)
6 Tissue Mechanics
Microstructure and Micromechanics of Cortical Bone - Rob Ritchie (UC Berkeley)
Microstructure and Micromechanics of Trabecular Bone - Ed Guo (Columbia University)
Magneto-Mechanical Stimulation of Early Bone Growth into Surface Layers on Implants – Athina Markaki (Cambridge University) (PDF - 2.2 MB)
Fracture Studies of Collagenous Soft Tissues - Michelle Oyen (Cambridge University)

Lab Demonstrations
(see separate Lab Demo Schedule for details)
Cell & Tissue Culture Lab - Yinjing (NUS),  Manoj K Puthia (NUS), Kevin Tan (NUS)
Anti-Metastasis – Qin Huang (NUS), Choon Nam Ong (NUS)
Cytotoxicity – Qin Huang (NUS), Choon Nam Ong (NUS)
3D Confocal Microscopy – Wei Sun (NUS), Christian Franck (Caltech)
Optical Traps – CH Sow (NUS)
Microfluidics - Gabriel Lee (SMA), David Quinn (MIT)
AFM: Imaging - Qingsen Li (NUS), CT Lim (NUS)
AFM: Force Spectroscopy - Ang Li (NUS), CT Lim (NUS)
Micropipette Aspiration & Dual Pipette Assay - SRK Vedula (NUS), CT Lim (NUS)
7 Cell Mechanics I
Matrix Elasticity Directs Stem Cell Differentiation - Dennis Discher (UPenn)
From Cell Physiology and Biology to Cellular Biomechanics - Cheng Dong (Penn State University) (PDF - 3.2 MB)
Biomechanics  and Biophysics of Cancer Cells - Subra Suresh (MIT)

Computational Biomechanics
Coarse-Grained Modeling of Cytoskeletal Dynamics - Ju Li (Ohio State University) (PDF - 7.2 MB)
Coupling the Membrane and the Cytoskeleton – Nir Gov (Weizmann Institute of Israel)
Continuum Modeling of the Cell - Ming Dao (MIT) (PDF - 3.6 MB)
Multi-Scale Cell Modeling - JN Reddy (Texas A&M)
8 Cell Mechanics II
Mechanics of Mechanostransduction - Roger Kamm (MIT) (PDF - 5.7 MB)
Probing forces mediated in cell-cell adhesion (NUS)
Elastic and Viscoelastic Response of Biological Materials: Bone, Ligaments, Arteries, Tendons, Skin, Collagen - Marc Meyers (UC San Diego)

Origin & Genetic Aspects of Cancer
Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes - Yoshiaki Ito (NUS)
Genomic Approaches to Cancer and Clinical Oncology - Patrick Tan (Duke-NUS)
9 Cancer Immunity & Prevention
John Groopman (Johns Hopkins University)

Cancer Therapy
Nanotechnology/Chemotherapeutic Engineering: Concepts and Examples - SS Feng (NUS)
Cancer Chemotherapy– Boon Cher Goh (NUS)
Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy - Kam Leong (Duke University)
10 Cancer Detection and Diagnostics
Biomarkers for Early Detection - John Groopman (Johns Hopkins University)
Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging for Cancer Diagnostics and Detection – ZW Huang (NUS)
Pathology Cancer Detection and Diagnostics: Basic Concepts for Scientists - Manuel Salto-Tellez (NUS)
Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis (2DE) as a Tool in Cancer Biomarker Discovery – Sandra Tan (NUS)
Luminescent Quantum Dots for Bioimaging and Sensitive Detection - Mingyong Han (NUS)

Cell & Molecular Biomechanics and its Connection to Cancer (Case Studies)

Mechanochemistry of Cell Adhesion; Its Relevance in Tumor Progression - JP Thiery (IMCB)

Final Discussion
Subra Suresh, CT Lim

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