The assignments from the class are presented here, by week.

Part 1: Introduction to Probability
1 Events and their Probability, Elementary Operations with Events, Total Probability Theorem, Independence, Bayes’ Theorem Homework 1 (PDF)
2-3 Random Variables and Vectors, Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions Homework 2 (PDF)

Homework 3 (PDF)

4 Functions of Random Variables and Derived Distributions Homework 4 (PDF)

Expectation of Random Variables and Functions of Random Variables

Moments of Variables and Vectors

Homework 5 (PDF)

Homework 6 (PDF)

7 Conditional Second Moment Analysis Homework 7 (PDF)
8 Selected Distribution Models: Normal, Lognormal, Extreme, Multivariate Normal Distributions Homework 8 (PDF)
Part 2: Introduction to System Reliability
9 Time-invariant Second-Moment Reliability Analysis and Time-Invariant Full-Distribution Reliability Analysis Homework 9 (PDF)
Part 3: Introduction to Statistics
10 Point Estimation of Distribution Parameters: Methods of Moments and Maximum Likelihood, Bayesian Analysis Homework 10 (PDF)
11 Simple and Multiple Linear Regression  

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