1 Introduction to ITS

2 Introduction to ITS (cont.)

3 Introduction to ITS (cont.)

4 Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS)

5 ATIS (cont.)

6 Smartroute Site Visit Jeff Larson and Cindy Campbell, Smartroute Systems
7 Student Report-out on Smartroute Site Visit

8 ATIS Jane Lappin and Sean Pierce, Volpe National Transportation Center
9 Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) Jon Bottom, Charles River Associates
10 Advanced Public Transportation Systems (APTS)

11 ITS and Flexibility Josh McConnell, MIT
12 Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO) Brad Wright and William Guiffre, Cambridge Systematics
13 ITS and Customer-centricity Tom Horan, Claremont Graduate School
14 ITS Massachusetts Annual Meeting

15 Student Report-out on ITS Massachusetts Annual Meeting

16 ITS and the Environment Rebecca Dodder, MIT
17 Congestion and Regional Operations Collaborations and Coordination (ROCC) Jonathan Gifford, George Mason University

19 Regional Operations and Planning Architecture (ROPA)

20 ROPA (cont.)

21 ROPA (cont.)

22 ROPA (cont.)

23 ITS Policy Issues

24 Class Wrap-up

25-26 Group Presentations

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