Detailed Research, Analysis, and Planning

Detailed research, analysis and planning in priority areas on-the-ground results:

In this second phase, student teams will undertake in-depth research, analysis and design in project areas in New Orleans. Once on the ground, students need to understand the requirements needed to realize goals and opportunities of the projects by assessing existing resources and assets, identifying critical obstacles and resources gaps to address, and defining other factors that shape effective strategies and interventions to generate the client’s desired revitalization goals for the district.

While specific research tasks will depend on the project and the client, tasks may include conducting interviews with key stakeholders, surveying existing district customers and businesses, researching applicable zoning and regulatory obstacles, investigating design options, identifying best practices used in comparable neighborhoods/districts, and analyzing potential resources for implementation.

Based on this detailed research, students will develop findings and recommendations for their final plans. These findings and recommendations will be presented to the client in a 5-10 page memo.

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