1-4 Introduction to New Orleans history: Colonization-present day  

Introduction to Katrina and Rita

Watch: When the Levees Broke

7 Tools: Learn to use GIS  
8 Presentation of Corners and Squares Project Corners and Squares project due
9 Introduction to New Orleans projects  
10 Guest speaker: Jeff Herbert, Wetmore Visiting Practitioner, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, University of Illinois  
11 Tools: Learn to use Rhino Baseline analysis due
12 Guest speaker: Lakshmi Sridaran, Public Policy Coordinator, Neighborhood Partnerships Network, New Orleans  
13 Guest speaker: Schools as hubs for regenerating community development  
14 Tools: Learn to use Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)  
15 Tools: Learn to use GPS tracking with assistance from librarian  
Spring break: Trip to New Orleans
  Arrive in New Orleans: Explore French Quarter  
  All day tour of New Orleans with Richard Campanella, Assistant Research Professor, Tulane University  
  Breakfast with the client and start projects

Guerilla planning project

  Field work on projects

Make It Right tour

Neighborhood Partnership Network community meeting with Lakshmi Sridaran

  Field work on projects  
  Field work on projects (cont.)

Dinner with clients

Arrive back in Cambridge
16 Recap of New Orleans trip and discussion of final projects  
17 Workshop: How to create successful maps and visuals  
18 Workshop: How to write final reports and official memos  
19 Guest speaker from If This House Could Talk-Community action Proposal for final projects due
20 Workshop: How to be a successful public speaker  
21 Outline work plan for the rest of the semester  
22-23 Work Day  
24 Peer editing of reports Draft of final report due
25-26 Work day  
27 Peer editing of posters Draft of poster due
28 Work day  
29-30 Presentation of final report and poster Final report and poster due
31 Presentation of final work to clients in New Orleans (in New Orleans)  
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