Civic Design Skill Assessment [Individual Effort]

Using the Civic Design Framework Grid (PDF), conduct a one-on-one interview with a person of your choice (we will develop criteria in the class). This assessment will ask people to rate their knowledge/skill for each of the 48 design challenges represented in the framework. Instructions for the exercise will be provided in class. [15% of grade]

Design Briefs [Team Effort] 

The brief is a document that assists a specific client in the design of a public engagement effort. Each design will consider the following questions:

  1. Which of the six conversation types introduced during the first part of the class to include;
  2. Which three design principles should be prioritized to engage the broadest spectrum of the public; and
  3. What activities and processes to use in the engagement process?

The finished products will include a design brief for the client, a blog post on the design brief, and a personal reflection on the experience of creating the design brief. The brief includes exercises for learning about the different principles devised from the Learning Design products. [40% of grade]

Sample design briefs from 2020 and previous years:

Reflection Blog [Individual Effort] 

Each participant will write a blog post reflecting on what they have taken from this class and advise for others interested in learning about a particular civic design principle. [15% of grade]

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