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Comparative Land Use and Transportation Planning

Lecture Notes

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SES # Topics
1 Comparative Land Use and Transportation Planning?

Course Overview, Objectives, Expectations, Logistics, Student Interests, Basic Course Framework, Why Comparative Land Use and Transportation Planning?

Part I: Understanding the Metropolitan-“izing” World
2 Metropolitan-ization Forces, Patterns and Trends, Concerns (PDF)
3 “Models” of the Metropolis (PDF)
4 “Regional Architectures”: Institutions of the Metropolis (PDF)
Part II: The Basics of Activities and Travel
5 Accessibility: The Land Use-Transportation Link (PDF - 1.4 MB)
6 Basics of Travel Demand: Persons and Firms (PDF)
Part III: The Influence of Land Use on Mobility and Accessibility
7 Mobility/Accessibility = f (Land Use): Something New?
8 Mobility/Accessibility = f (Land Use): Conceptualizing the Effects
9 Mobility/Accessibility = f (Land Use): Analytical Approaches
10 Mobility/Accessibility = f (Land Use): A Matter of Scale
11 Measuring Urban Form and Urban Design
12 Implications for Planning Policies and Tools
13 Financial Instruments (PDF)
Part IV: The Influence of Transportation on Land Use
14 Transportation and Metropolitan Growth: History of Effects
15 Public Transportation and Metropolitan Growth
16 Public Transportation and Metropolitan Growth: Case Studies in Integration
17 Passaic Studio Presentation
18 Roadways and Metropolitan Growth
19 Roadways and Metropolitan Growth: São Paulo Case

Guest Speaker: Ciro Biderman

20 Transportation and Metropolitan Growth: Financial Instruments
21 Transportation Networks and Travel Behavior
Part V: Metropolitan Futures
22 Pulling It All Together: Land Use, Mobility, Accessibility

Guest Speaker: Chris Porter, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

23 Back to the Future? Land Use Mobility, Accessibility in Metropolitan China (PDF)
24 The Future of the Metropolis: Theoretical Speculations (PDF)
25 The Future of the Metropolis: Tools and Models (PDF - 9.1 MB)

Guest Speaker: Mikel Murga

26 Student Presentations

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