11.S945 | Fall 2013 | Graduate
Urbanizing China: A Reflective Dialogue


1 Multiple Interpretations: Urbanization Out of Sync
2 Is China an Outlier? China’s Urbanization in the Historical and International Contexts
3 Fundamentals: Hukou and Migration
Land Market, Public Finance, Real Estate Development
4 Land-use and Public Finance Institutions in China: An Overview
5 Land Quota Market in Chongqing and Chengdu: De-spatialize Land Transfer
6 Brownfields in Beijing Chemical Plant: How Cities Recycle Industrial Land
7 Integrating the Proposed Property Tax with the Public Leasehold System
8–9 Module Summary; Student Presentations for Phase 1: Ideas
Transportation, Economy, Energy, Environment and Technology
10 Dispersion of Urban Agglomeration through High-Speed Rail
11 Managing Car Ownership in Chinese Mega Cities
12 Costs of Air Pollution: Focusing on its Human Health Damage
13 Advancing Low-Carbon Cities: Pathways through CERC
14 Module Summary; Student Presentations for Phase 2: Proposals
15 Progress in Energy Efficiency: Technology, Policy and Market in China’s Automobile Sectors
16 Financing Urban Access: Transportation, Form and Land Grabbing
17 Understanding and Untangling Complex Urban Issues through Emerging Big Data
18–19 Module Summary; Student Presentations for Phase 3: Literature
Social, Cultural and Political
20 Drifting and Getting Stuck: Migrants in Chinese Cities
21 Urbanization vs. Citizenization: Self-employed Migrants in Wangjingxi Market
22 Spatial Justice in Affordable Housing Design in Ningbo
23 Preserving Beijing’s Spatial Tradition in Rapid Urban Development
24 Aging Society: Offering Care to the Elderly in the Confucius Society
25 Forging Greater Xi’an: New Regional Strategies and their Urban Outcomes
26 Social Housing in China—Explorations, Practices, and Dilemmas
27 Course Summary: Alternative Narratives of China’s Urbanization; Student Presentations for Phase 4: Team Project
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