11.S945 | Fall 2013 | Graduate
Urbanizing China: A Reflective Dialogue

Candidate Topics

Below is a list of the candidate topics that can be used for the team project and / or the literature synthesis.

  • The quiet disappearance of “green GDP” in China
  • Urban environment challenges and responses
  • Are Chinese governments more sincere about energy policy than environmental policy?
  • Clean energy and energy innovation in China
  • Public attitude toward sustainable development: History, evolution and prospects
  • China’s 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th five-year plans: Impacts on urban development and urban mobility
  • Car ownership, motorization and urban policy responses
  • Promoting of electric vehicles: National and municipal policies
  • Measuring urban equity: Mobility needs of the urban poor and migrant workers
  • High-speed rail and urban-regional development
  • Openness of Chinese cities: Significance, measurement, variation and trend
  • Law, rule of law and respect of law: Cases in urban development and planning
  • Property rights and its connections in urban arena: Urban villages, migrant workers, semi-public spaces, etc.
  • Public education: Primary and second schools, gaokao, locals vs. migrants
  • Aging society: Who’s responsible for caring for the elderly? Can we regulate “love?”
  • National urban policies and their interaction with local municipalities
  • Comparative studies between Chinese cities and OECD or other developing countries: To what degree are Chinese urban issues unique?
  • Public healthcare reforms: Variations among cities in their experiments
  • An update on “Urban Planning in China: Continuity and Change”—what has happened since Abramson’s 2006 paper?
  • Building institutions for sustainable urban development
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