12.108 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Structure of Earth Materials

Image Gallery

These galleries contain images of the hand samples studied in the mineral labs, presented with their chemical formulas. Each gallery corresponds to both a lab exercise and a set of lecture notes (given below).

Gallery 1 Native Elements, Sulfides and Oxides. 8: Minerals 1 Lec 9: Earth’s Element Inventory - Metals and Sulfides
Gallery 2 Neso Silicates, Sorosilicates and Cyclosilicates. 9: Minerals 2 Lec 10: High P Mantle Mineralogy
Gallery 3 Single Chain Ino-Silicates (Pyroxenes), Double Chain Ino-Silicates (Amphiboles), Phyllosilicates and Tectosilicates. 10: Minerals 3 Lec 11: Pyriboles; Lec 12: Feldspar, Quartz
Gallery 4 Halides, Sulfates, Borates, Phosphates and Carbonates. 11: Minerals 4 Lec 13: Carbonates, Sulfates, etc.

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